Privacy Policy of the host of a Refuge Place

Offering temporary and one-off support by becoming a Refuge Place involves meeting people who do not know each other but who will be linked by the invisible thread of mutual aid.

This link, invisible to the eye but nevertheless very present, must be clear and honest, so that this gesture of mutual aid brings comfort and hope.

As a host of a Refuge Place, offering my support to a person in a sudden precarious situation, I commit myself to respect the policy whose points are listed below:


  • I commit not to disclose any personal information about the person I host and I respect his or her privacy.


  • I commit to respect the contract with Refuge for everyone and to offer the support as we have defined with the beneficiary
  • I respect my beneficiary and make no judgment


  • I do not ask for any material or financial compensation for my support, which remains on a voluntary basis.
  • I do not proselytize or try to influence the person I support in any way regarding his personal situation


  • In case of misunderstanding or conflict with the beneficiary, I immediately contact the Refuge for everyone mediator (
  • If I don’t feel safe with the person I host, I ask him/her to leave immediately and I inform the Refuge for everyone’s mediator

The respect of this policy by everyone is the foundation of a better world that is being put in place and extends the chain of solidarity, to the simple, voluntary and concrete help that each person can offer to someone else.

By becoming a Refuge Place, I engage myself to respect the network privacy and policy!

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