Privacy Policy of the beneficiary of a Refuge Place

Benefiting from the temporary support of a Refuge Place implies meeting people who do not know each other but who will be united by the invisible thread of mutual aid.

This link, invisible to the eye but nevertheless very present, must be clear and honest, so that this gesture of mutual aid brings comfort and hope.

As a beneficiary of the support offered by a Refuge Place, I commit myself to respect the Privacy Policy whose points are listed below:


  • I agree not to disclose any personal information about my host and I respect their intimacy


  • I commit to respect the contract signed with the Refuge Place and not to ask for more than what this place can offer, nor to extend my stay
  • I respect the rules of life defined by my host, the places and the people who welcome me


  • I do not ask my host for money


  • In case of misunderstanding or conflict with my host I commit to immediately contact the mediator of Refuge for everyone (
  • If I don’t feel safe, I leave the place immediately and inform the Refuge for everyone mediator

The respect of this privacy policy by everyone is the foundation of a better world that is being put in place and extends the chain of solidarity, to the simple, voluntary and concrete help that each person can offer.

As a beneficiary from a Refuge Place, I undertake to respect the network’s privacy policy.