A global network of solidarity & cooperation with concrete mutual aid between individuals

Refuge for everyone: a temporary Refuge Place for any person in distress, based on voluntarism

Today, each and everyone of us can find him/herself in a precarious personal or professional situation and suddenly be put in front of social, health, or financial distress and consequently not have enough food to put on the table.

All of us can be confronted with a sudden loss of income, finding ourselves unable to meet our immediate needs and the vital needs of our loved ones. 

To this end, we wish to launch a network of solidarity in a concrete way, where it would be possible to stay for a day or a night to recharge one’s batteries and create a REFUGE FOR EVERYONE.

lieux refuge

An occasional support from one person to another person

A Refuge Place is therefore a place where everyone can receive immediate help on a temporary basis.

It is not a permanent residence, nor a place where a habit is created.

It is a private place where anyone can, occasionally and free of charge, be received for a hot meal, a comfortable night, a good shower or to rest. The purpose of the Shelter is therefore to provide temporary support to anyone who can suddenly be in need.

If you have a roof over your head and can provide extra food or a bed or simply offer a good cup of coffee or a shower, you can become a shelter

In tomorrow's world, everyone counts!


Participate in the Refuge for everyone

If you wish to become a shelter simply put the logo “Refuge for everyone” on your home and send us an email to be visible on the map.

Beneficiaries will contact you directly to find out if you are available at the requested time, but you are always free to accept or refuse the request.


Benefit from the support of Refuge For Everyone

For those who wish to benefit from the support of a Shelter you can use the search engine below and contact the host directly to find out if he is able to receive you.

You will be asked to write a few words about who you are and your needs when contacting the host.

Our network operates on the basis of trust and we expect an open, honest and respectful attitude from both hosts and recipients.

Participate in the shelter’s places support network